Diary of an ECR #11: Teaching and research

A full month since my last post. Teaching is underway, and I’m at work on a research article. Throw in a few other parts of life, and things have got suddenly a whole lot busier. And that means less space to reflect on what it is I am doing. But let’s make some time for that now. With… Continue reading Diary of an ECR #11: Teaching and research

Another feminist philosophy position

Fast on the tail of a feminist philosophy position at Memorial New Foundland University, comes another one – on the other side of the world – in Tasmania (an island of the south end of Australia, if you don’t know it.). Nice part of the world… Lectureship (continuing) in Feminist Philosophy, University of Tasmania AOS:… Continue reading Another feminist philosophy position

Philosophy Jobs – In North America

The Philosopher’s Cocoon has a breakdown on the tenure track jobs this year (via Peter at Error).  Given that I work in a different ‘market’, where ‘continuing’ (we don’t talk about tenure here) jobs are usually within reach only several years after your PhD, it seems strange to measure things by a gold standard that… Continue reading Philosophy Jobs – In North America