Diary of an ECR #9: Power

One element of power in the academic world is association or affiliation. Established researchers have it, and early career academics want it. But interestingly, Universities are the ones who really┬áneed it. They go about exerting their powers in order to obtain it: hiring this person (and their research), or creating this program or centre in… Continue reading Diary of an ECR #9: Power

Diary of an ECR #6

Research is addictive. You concentrate in a way that blocks out other things. And you do not want to break that concentration. As my current contract dries up, I suddenly find myself with far more time for research. I start to resent the time I have to put it aside for teaching activities. There is… Continue reading Diary of an ECR #6

The continuity of history, and our debt to the past

I’ve started some research on a new project with a colleague, where we develop a criticism of historicism in social theory. This is mostly tied up with Honneth’s interpretation of historical materialism. I’ve been reading his early essays on history – one on Althusser, and another on Walter Benjamin. The core motivation of the paper… Continue reading The continuity of history, and our debt to the past