Expression – Benjamin & Leibniz

Having recently been writing on expression and Benjamin, this conference and workshop caught my eye: Call for Papers Benjamin and Leibniz: On Expression Conference and Workshop Conference: 27 June 2017 @ RHB 342 Workshop: 28 June 2017 @ RHB 142 Location: Goldsmiths, University of London Walter Benjamin London Research Network Hosted by the Centre for… Continue reading Expression – Benjamin & Leibniz

Serres on Leibniz and the line

Chris Watkin translates an interesting passage from Serres’s thesis on Leibniz (1968), here. Two things I notice. First, the teleological structure of the historical interest. Serres’ thesis is of interest because of what he will become. Second, the comments on the line – these are very close to comments by Derrida (published a year before), a… Continue reading Serres on Leibniz and the line