Derrida’s 64-5 Heidegger Course outline

I’ve written a couple of posts a while back about this course. Now I’m returning to it in working on a couple of papers. Among other things I’m writing a review of the book, and I want the review to be genuinely helpful in research. To that end, I’ve compiled a little substantive table of… Continue reading Derrida’s 64-5 Heidegger Course outline

Not historicism: Derrida’s Heidegger Course, s.2

Continuing my summary of Derrida’s 1964-5 seminars on Sein und Zeit. Derrida keeps up a continuous narrative of where he is up to in his narrative. Pedagogically, it’s very useful – he recalls what they discussed the previous time (usually a fortnight before), and he repeats in concise fashion the conclusions that were reached. It doesn’t… Continue reading Not historicism: Derrida’s Heidegger Course, s.2

Derrida’s Heidegger Course, 1964-5, seminar 1

The inquiry into “the question of being” as a guiding thread is distinguished from understanding it as a) Hegelian “refutation” as ontological development in history, and b) any “ontology”, because it is not a matter of seeing the truth of an historical being but of showing why all efforts at ontology essentially miss clarifying the… Continue reading Derrida’s Heidegger Course, 1964-5, seminar 1

Winds have changed

Reading Heidegger today. It’s tangible; the winds have changed. Just a few years ago, you could work on Heidegger without thinking about his politics. That is completely impossible today. I don’t think it’s because what we know about the man has changed all that much (you know, with publishing his notebooks, so many incriminating comments,… Continue reading Winds have changed

This flickering life

A nice passage from Jean Grondin’s bio, Hans-Georg Gadamer: “We never understand anything completely, never quite manage to cope with this world, every truth is only a half truth, all certainties are provisional, but in this twilight state all human understanding takes place. Understanding is, so to a speak, a flickering wakefulness in a night that… Continue reading This flickering life

Nature: reading Merleau-Ponty

Happy New Year. I’m back at work, and one of my projects is an article I’ve been working on for a while – a comparison of Merleau-Ponty and Derrida on the subject of nature. As I finish off sections I might post one or two here. But for the moment, let me post a couple… Continue reading Nature: reading Merleau-Ponty