Hegel workshop next week

‘SECOND NATURE – A HEGELIAN APPROACH’ A seminar course in philosophy by Professor Italo Testa (University of Parma, Italy) UNSW is hosting a 3 day Hegel workshop next week. Working through Hegel texts on habit and custom, ethical life, social embodiment, as well as papers by Pippin, Brandom and McDowell. With a few Hegel experts… Continue reading Hegel workshop next week

Recognition: memory and action

Honneth’s Struggle for Recognition this morning. For the purposes of sorting out the temporal aspects of the normative demand for recognition. The imperative of mutual recognition “provides the normative pressure that compels individuals to remove constraints” with respect to recognition relations (92). There is pressure because it draws upon a negative moment, in which recognition… Continue reading Recognition: memory and action

The continuity of history, and our debt to the past

I’ve started some research on a new project with a colleague, where we develop a criticism of historicism in social theory. This is mostly tied up with Honneth’s interpretation of historical materialism. I’ve been reading his early essays on history – one on Althusser, and another on Walter Benjamin. The core motivation of the paper… Continue reading The continuity of history, and our debt to the past

Beast & Sovereign I, s.1

The reverse order of publication means that we read The Beast and the Sovereign before the Death  Penalty seminars – even though the latter is what helps open up the enquiry of the former. The first two sessions of BS I set out the program: Hobbes, Rousseau, La Fontaine’s fable of the ‘reason of the strongest’. Here we have… Continue reading Beast & Sovereign I, s.1

The Beast and the Sovereign, Vol. 1: summary project

As I’m currently reading The Beast and the Sovereign Vol 1, I’ll write up some summaries of the individual seminars. These were published in 2009, and took place 2-3 years before Derrida’s death. Much of the thinking behind the published book Rogues (2004) is evident in the seminar. The general topic is a kind of dynamic mapping… Continue reading The Beast and the Sovereign, Vol. 1: summary project