I’m reading Honneth’s little book on Reification, his Tanner lectures from 2008. What began as a light skim through has gained interest for me. In particular, the transition between the logical level of the ’empathic’ engagement with the world (Heidegger, Dewey), and the empirical genesis from the point of view of developmental psychology – expressed… Continue reading Reification

Biological and social realities: Ferguson

From Savage Minds: Closet Racism in Anthropology… (I’m sure Philosophy is not innocent here either). We are taught that “race is a myth,” and therefore it follows that race cannot be implicated in the issues that they were happy to identify as “structural” or “systemic.” They just weren’t willing to take the next step and… Continue reading Biological and social realities: Ferguson

Hegel, Heidegger, Derrida and Deleuze on the subject

I stumbled across this new book in UNSW’s bookshop last week: Simon Lumsden’s Self-Consciousness and the Critique of the Subject. Simon is a well-known Sydney philosopher, and a specialist on Hegel. It will be good to read a detailed account of the hegelian inheritance of the latter three thinkers, and the points that gel, beyond the rhetoric.… Continue reading Hegel, Heidegger, Derrida and Deleuze on the subject

Second Nature and Education

Here I want to summarise the work from the recent Hegel seminar taught by Italo Testa at UNSW, while also developing one theme that particularly interests me: education. The gambit of the seminar was the widely accepted assumption of recognition as the master concept of Spirit in Hegel’s philosophy, and some problems involved with this… Continue reading Second Nature and Education

Philosophy Jobs – In North America

The Philosopher’s Cocoon has a breakdown on the tenure track jobs this year (via Peter at Error).  Given that I work in a different ‘market’, where ‘continuing’ (we don’t talk about tenure here) jobs are usually within reach only several years after your PhD, it seems strange to measure things by a gold standard that… Continue reading Philosophy Jobs – In North America

Hegel workshop next week

‘SECOND NATURE – A HEGELIAN APPROACH’ A seminar course in philosophy by Professor Italo Testa (University of Parma, Italy) UNSW is hosting a 3 day Hegel workshop next week. Working through Hegel texts on habit and custom, ethical life, social embodiment, as well as papers by Pippin, Brandom and McDowell. With a few Hegel experts… Continue reading Hegel workshop next week

Recognition: memory and action

Honneth’s Struggle for Recognition this morning. For the purposes of sorting out the temporal aspects of the normative demand for recognition. The imperative of mutual recognition “provides the normative pressure that compels individuals to remove constraints” with respect to recognition relations (92). There is pressure because it draws upon a negative moment, in which recognition… Continue reading Recognition: memory and action