Subtitles: seminar 3, Beast and Sovereign I

An interesting exercise: to subtitle Derrida’s seminar. You can see how he puts questions in place in order to frame the main analysis. The centre piece of seminar three is really the juxtaposition between Schmitt and Macchiavelli’s interpretation of what is proper to politics. I’ll publish a proper summary of this soon, but I thought… Continue reading Subtitles: seminar 3, Beast and Sovereign I

Gaming colonialism

Teaching my five-year old son to play Risk last night. “What does ‘conquer’ mean?” “Why do you attack another country?” When you have to explain all the concepts involved in a game that is basically colonial expansion, it suddenly feels a whole lot less innocent. Serious point, or bleeding-heart liberal? Is here an alternative to… Continue reading Gaming colonialism

Another feminist philosophy position

Fast on the tail of a feminist philosophy position at Memorial New Foundland University, comes another one – on the other side of the world – in Tasmania (an island of the south end of Australia, if you don’t know it.). Nice part of the world… Lectureship (continuing) in Feminist Philosophy, University of Tasmania AOS:… Continue reading Another feminist philosophy position