Diary of an ECR #12

This journal has been a little too inactive of late. Mostly, this is because I had a) a course to teach, and b) a journal article to complete. Pleased with my concentration on those things, I let the window to the internet-world slide. “Why add another task?” I said to myself? Twitter became the extent… Continue reading Diary of an ECR #12

Subtitles: seminar 3, Beast and Sovereign I

An interesting exercise: to subtitle Derrida’s seminar. You can see how he puts questions in place in order to frame the main analysis. The centre piece of seminar three is really the juxtaposition between Schmitt and Macchiavelli’s interpretation of what is proper to politics. I’ll publish a proper summary of this soon, but I thought… Continue reading Subtitles: seminar 3, Beast and Sovereign I