Philosophy of education

I’m currently teaching an advanced unit on Social Philosophy, and we’re taking education as a case study. So I’m going to start dropping a lot of the content from that course onto this blog, to collect and index it. J.S. Mill, Inaugural Address to the University of St Andrews (1967) “The proper function of an University… Continue reading Philosophy of education

Forum: JHI Blog on Memory and History

The blog for the Journal of the History of Ideas is running a forum responding to Jeffrey Andrew Barash’s recent book, Collective Memory and Historical Understanding.  My own contribution will be appearing later today, with two already up. Michael Meng posted first, calling attention to the critical, democratic, role for history. Sophie Marcotte-Chénard then proposed –… Continue reading Forum: JHI Blog on Memory and History

Semester 1 Teaching: Freedom and Domination (PHL254)

Here is the blurb on my teaching for Semester 1 at Macquarie (Unit Guide). I’m teaching 19th C. German philosophy: The term ‘freedom’ is frequently used today, but what does the concept of freedom really mean? Is there more freedom in modern liberal societies than in other forms of society? If so, does this make… Continue reading Semester 1 Teaching: Freedom and Domination (PHL254)

New options in teaching development

As someone currently doing a grad cert in Higher Ed… And with a rapidly expiring contract – This is interesting reading! Nowhere Fast: Scaling Up Workforce Development in Education “The majority of university revenue across the sector derives from teaching, yet our approaches to staff education in learning and teaching are not keeping pace. We… Continue reading New options in teaching development