Links: Current Australian debates on education

Current web page for the Federal Dept of Education and Training explaining school funding Peter Goss, Grattan Institute, Explaining Australia’s school funding debate (July 18, 2018) Catherine Hanrahan, ABC News, School Funding Explained¬†(April 20, 2018) Gonski et al. “Through Growth to Achievement” aka Gonski 2.0 (30 April 2018) Marilyn Harrington, Department of Parliamentary Services, Australian… Continue reading Links: Current Australian debates on education

Throat clearing

Whoah, so things got a little inactive here. Lots of the usual things going on – teaching, research, applying for jobs, autumn holidays – just not much of it registered on this site. But let’s kick back into gear and get some material circulating again, shall we? To that end, here are some thoughts on… Continue reading Throat clearing

The ‘new’ political distribution?

One of Australia’s major newspaper publishers, Fairfax (SMH, The Age), in conjunction with an ANU research centre, has recently published a major attempt to chart Australia’s current political distribution. They describe it as “a comprehensive attempt to examine Australian political attitudes, lifestyles and social values”. A bold claim. And it’s interactive. You can fill out… Continue reading The ‘new’ political distribution?