Links: Current Australian debates on education

Current web page for the Federal Dept of Education and Training explaining school funding Peter Goss, Grattan Institute, Explaining Australia’s school funding debate (July 18, 2018) Catherine Hanrahan, ABC News, School Funding Explained¬†(April 20, 2018) Gonski et al. “Through Growth to Achievement” aka Gonski 2.0 (30 April 2018) Marilyn Harrington, Department of Parliamentary Services, Australian… Continue reading Links: Current Australian debates on education

Philosophy of education

I’m currently teaching an advanced unit on Social Philosophy, and we’re taking education as a case study. So I’m going to start dropping a lot of the content from that course onto this blog, to collect and index it. J.S. Mill,¬†Inaugural Address to the University of St Andrews (1967) “The proper function of an University… Continue reading Philosophy of education