Winds have changed

Reading Heidegger today. It’s tangible; the winds have changed. Just a few years ago, you could work on Heidegger without thinking about his politics. That is completely impossible today.

I don’t think it’s because what we know about the man has changed all that much (you know, with publishing his notebooks, so many incriminating comments, etc.). It’s we who have changed. We (where “we” = a unspecified but identifiable mass)  who’ve become sensitive to something where before we shrugged it off. It’s our social side, our connection to each other. The moment where the herd pricks up its ears at a possible sound  or scent of danger, carried on a new wind.

Is it too late? Has this man, with his undoubtedly brilliant work, got too far under our skin? What will the consequences be? They are some pretty pressing questions for a couple of generations of Continental philosophers. In order to answer such questions, the answer is to not give up on studying his work. But now, we’re not running with the wind, but into it.



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