Allen Wood on the (US) Philosophy job market

American philosopher Allen Wood – a well known Kant and Idealism scholar – blogs here on the applying for jobs in the US Philosophy market. The posts are on the official blog of the American Philosophical Association, which has, he mentions, also set up a sub-committee to review and advise on best practices for interviewing. I’m pleased to see this being addressed in Philosophy from an influential position.

Wood makes some interesting comments towards the end of his post:

Parts of the present document, especially its bitter or sarcastic tone, might easily be seen as disparaging or even despairing of what this Subcommittee is trying to do. I urge you not to read it that way. I do disapprove of the whole interview process, as I will say later. But as long as it goes on (which it will, no matter what I may say), it is important that it be done as well as possible. … My remarks are intended to be sobering, but not demoralizing. I admire all who devote their youth to the study of philosophy, and I wish there were more academic jobs for them. I am angry at the system, and I’m on the side of the job candidates, even of those I describe myself as eliminating in a job search the first time I look at their dossiers.


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