Setting limits for casual academic work

I am sharing a post recently published over at¬†Actual Casuals.¬†I am glad to say that, while not perfect, my own Department has generally supported my actions on each of these five points when I was employed as a casual. And, in turn, I’ve tried to encourage these when I’ve been involved in hiring casuals. ***… Continue reading Setting limits for casual academic work

On expression

Expression can then be first roughly described of as a kind of making public or visible through a bodily action. This captures something of gestural expressions and labour, as well as linguistic utterances. In expression, there is literally a pressing-outwards of something that was not yet visible that was contained in the inner life of… Continue reading On expression

New options in teaching development

As someone currently doing a grad cert in Higher Ed… And with a rapidly expiring contract – This is interesting reading! Nowhere Fast: Scaling Up Workforce Development in Education “The majority of university revenue across the sector derives from teaching, yet our approaches to staff education in learning and teaching are not keeping pace. We… Continue reading New options in teaching development

Diary of an ECR #6

Research is addictive. You concentrate in a way that blocks out other things. And you do not want to break that concentration. As my current contract dries up, I suddenly find myself with far more time for research. I start to resent the time I have to put it aside for teaching activities. There is… Continue reading Diary of an ECR #6

Schiller: Aesthetic education and the contemporary scene

“The whole aesthetic condition is the most fruitful in relation to knowledge and morality. … A disposition which comprises in itself the wholeness of humanity must necessarily include every individual expression of it, according to its capacity; a disposition which removes all limits from the totality of human nature must necessarily remove them also from… Continue reading Schiller: Aesthetic education and the contemporary scene