A few quotations: Hegel on attention in learning

I came across a few quotations in the third volume of Hegel’s Encyclopedia that I hope to come back to:

s.448 Zusatz (Subjective Spirit, Psychology section, theory of Intuition)

“Intelligence puts an end to the simplicity of sensation, determines the sensed object… and thus separates itself from the object, yet at the same time posits it in its separateness as its own. Only by this dual activity… do I come to apprehend the content of sensation. This takes place, to begin with, in attention. Without this, no apprehension of the object is possible; only by attention does mind become present in the subject matter and obtain knowledge of it. Attention constitutes, therefore, the beginning of education. (Hegel, 1971, p.195).

s.449 Zusatz 

“it is the educated person who has an intuition free from a mass of contingent detail and equipped with a wealth of rational insights. An intelligent, educated person, even though he does not philosophise, can grasp the essentials, the core of the subject-matter in its simple qualitative nature. Reflection is however, always necessary to achieve this. … only in this way can he hope to bring out the heart, or the soul, of the subject-matter, freeing it from all the externalities in which it is shrouded and by so doing, organically develop his intuition.”

Today, we need to show our students how to attend to the subject matter.


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