The intimate link between education and philosophy (Dewey)

“Education is the laboratory in which philosophic distinctions become concrete and are tested” Dewey, Democracy and Education (1966), p.329. Dewey argues for an intimate and essential link between philosophy and education. Is this argument both plausible and relevant today?Dewey defines philosophy as “the general theory of education”. This seems rather broad – we understand education… Continue reading The intimate link between education and philosophy (Dewey)

This flickering life

A nice passage from Jean Grondin’s bio, Hans-Georg Gadamer: “We never understand anything completely, never quite manage to cope with this world, every truth is only a half truth, all certainties are provisional, but in this twilight state all human understanding takes place. Understanding is, so to a speak, a flickering wakefulness in a night that… Continue reading This flickering life

Translating nature

I’m currently grappling with an article I’d like to finish off. It compares the accounts of nature in Merleau-Ponty and Derrida. I’m arguing that Derrida tacitly relies upon some Merleau-Pontyian theses, and ends up proposing a similar kind of interleaved and articulated description of the being of nature to that of his predecessor. M-P’s interest… Continue reading Translating nature